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Dear Prospective Patient and Family,

Since the beginning of modern-day allergy and clinical immunology, food allergies have plagued both patients and providers. We, as allergists, patients and parents of those affected by food allergy, have been so unsatisfied with the prospect of “absolute avoidance” and “hope” that one-day, our patients or children would “outgrow” their life-threatening food allergy. Fear of accidental exposure and carrying an active self-injectable epinephrine prescription “at all times,” has had an immeasurable effect on the physical and mental health of all those affected. As it stands, only 20% of our patients naturally outgrow peanut allergy and 11% outgrow tree nut allergy. The odds have certainly been stacked against us for far too long. The peace-of-mind our TIO Food Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Program can provide is life-changing. We now know that 1) a program of food allergen reintroduction with tolerable risk exists, and 2) free-eating can now be a reality for the vast majority of our food allergy patients. These two facts often bring tears of joy to those affected by this previously hopeless situation. In fact, now, over 94% of our patients are expected to be able to fully reintroduce the foods to which they were allergic, ad lib, as desired at the conclusion of our Program. That’s just one of many life-changing benefits that our Program of food allergen reintroduction can provide our patients and families affected by life-threatening food allergy. We look forward to this journey with you and your family, to help you regain your personal freedom and your family’s freedom. Now’s the time to take back control and change the entire trajectory of your life.

Patrick H. Win, MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI


TIO Food Therapies, PLLC