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Here’s 4 year-old Zoey, who suffers from life-threatening IgE-mediated peanut allergy. Prior to today, she’s strictly avoided all peanut ingestion and carries epinephrine at all times for accidental exposure. Her family has chosen TIO’s OIT Program to treat her food allergy, over passively waiting and hoping she “outgrows” her peanut allergy. As it stands, patients with peanut allergy have only a 20% chance of losing their peanut allergy, leaving 80% with life-long disease – each day, posing risk for accidental exposure and possible death. Our OIT Program now boasts a 96+% success rate of gaining full free-eating, with full reintroduction. These patients are able to pass a 24 peanut challenge only a few short months after starting our Program. The currently proposed treatments that are pending FDA-approval are mainly shooting for protection from anaphylaxis with accidental exposure, NOT full free-eating. Our patients deserve better! Here’s to regaining your freedom!

Congrats Zoey! You’re and All Star!